Certus Practice Info

Get the mental health care you need when you need it…wherever you are!*



If you are sheltering in place as a result of the CoVid-19 pandemic, you can have full access to quality mental health care as we are now accepting new patients through TeleMedicine visits wherever you are.*

Through Certus TeleMedicine, you can receive our full array of mental health services from a distance through technology. Our Patient Portal and phone App allow you to have a Telepsych consult just using your computer or smartphone and an internet connection. This allows you to receive comprehensive psychiatric services and therapy care as if you were at our office!

*Restrictions may apply. Contact us by phone or email for complete details.



When you become a patient, you will receive an email to activate your portal access. You will be provided a link that will take you to the activation page. Once on the activation page enter your birthday and zip code to activate.

  • Through the patient portal, or through our App, which you can download through your app store for free, you will be able to view messages from your care provider, see your prescription list, enter or view your vital signs, and check your balance.



  • We Will Coordinate Your Care. One of the many benefits of being a patient with Certus is that your care is coordinated throughout our system and with your other health care providers. Through your shared medical records and shared values of our providers, your entire care team will be on the same page, have the same information, and be working together with you on common goals. Every provider you see at Certus will know what occurred at your last appointment and what your health goals are.
  • We Will Communicate With You We believe that quality health care should be a partnership, and the only way to have an effective partnership is through communication. Just as we expect you to communicate with us, we promise to communicate with you. We will make sure all of your questions are answered during your appointment, so you know what your next steps are. We will have your appointment information in the After Visit Summary that will be handed to you at the end of the visit.
  • You Are Assured Privacy Your privacy, and the privacy of your health information is very important to us. We will not disclose your medical record information unless you direct us to do so, or unless the law authorizes or compels us to do so. Our staff and providers only access patient information as it is necessary to do their jobs.
Contact us for more information.