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Certus Psychiatry At Certus Psychiatry & Integrated Care, we are determined to help our patients achieve emotional and physical balance. “Believe in WE,” and let's work together to get you on a path to better mental health.

Certus is Latin for "Determined."

TMS Near Me From OCD and anxiety, to trauma and any number of issues, "talking it out" with the right councelor can help you discover balance, peace, and the skills you need to move forward. Let us help you! Clinical Therapy Psychiatry Near Me Sometimes, medication and therapy just don't work for treating depression. If that's that case, look to us for TMS – an innovative tool for those who don't respond well to more traditional treatment. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Certus Psychiatry Addiction can come in a variety of forms. Whether you're struggling with a drug or alcohol dependency, gambling, or even shopping, we have the experience to help you recover. Addiction Recovery
Serving Winston-Salem and the Triad. Pets welcome. Please leash. Helping you achieve better mental health is our highest priority. Certus Psychiatry & Integrated Care

Find your path to better mental health with Certus Psychiatry

Let Dr. Gisela Knebl Kohl and her staff help you achieve the wellness you need.

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We’re here to help!

Our team of counselors and therapists have the experience you need to help you find your focus and change your thinking. Let’s get to work!

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TELEMEDICINE visits are available to any new and existing patients.* Get the care you need wherever you are.

If you’re sheltering-in-place, you can still receive comprehensive mental health care. *Restrictions may apply.

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For physicians looking to refer a patient…

We are here to assist you any way we can.

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Enjoy judgement-free addition recovery services

When you are ready to accept help for addiction to drugs or alcohol, your world can change.

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TMS – Real results when other options have failed

TMS uses magnetic pulses aimed at specific targets in the brain that can help achieve remission of depression.

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Change starts with action. Let's move forward together.

At Certus, we are “stigma-free” zone where you can come with the peace-of-mind that you are truly getting the right care for your needs.

  • Full-service Psychiatric Practice – wide range of treatment options, including emotional and behavioral health disorders, and substance abuse.
  • Integrated Care Services we may examine all of the factors that contribute to your mental health.
  • Counseling Services available to help you begin to put the pieces of your life back together.
  • Certus Addiction Recovery Program (CARP) the best solutions to help you through your dependency on drugs, alcohol, or nicotine.
  • TMS – if your depression treatment isn’t working, learn more about TMS.

“Believe in WE!” and discover how Certus will work with you to create workable solutions for better emotional and physical health and long-term wellness.

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